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There are many different chests in Plunder Pirates.

  • Some are available as rewards for completing quests.
  • Some from fighting sea battles on the maps.
  • Some from streaking.
  • Some as rewards for achieving certain targets during events.

Sea Chests[edit | edit source]

Streak Chests[edit | edit source]

Prior to version 3.1.0 Chest as per version 3.1.0
No. of wins Chest Chest Type Chest Chest Type
5 Bandits Common Golden Booty Uncommon
10 Freebooters Uncommon Merry Booty Uncommon
13 Bandits Common Explorers Booty Rare
15 Freebooters Uncommon Swashbucklers Booty Rare
18 Bandits Common Modest Spoils Uncommon
20 Freebooters Uncommon Modest Warchest Rare
25 Marauders Epic Marvellous Spoils Uncommon
30 Corsairs Rare Marvellous Warchest Rare
35 Freebooter Uncommon Magnificent Spoils Uncommon
40 Corsairs Rare Magnificent Warchest Rare
50 Marauders Epic Modest Strongbox Legendary
60 Corsairs Rare Marvellous Strongbox Legendary
70 Marauders Epic Magnificent Strongbox Legendary
80 Corsairs Rare Lucky Chest Epic
90 Marauders Epic TBD
100 Marauders Epic TBD
125 Corsairs Rare TBD

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