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What is Streaking?[edit | edit source]

A Streak is a series of consecutive battles, started when you immediately recruit your crew after attacking a Rival Captain’s Island (PvP match) and go straight into the next fight without returning to your island. A Streak ends when you return to your island.

Starting a Streak[edit | edit source]

Please see Starting a streak

Purpose of Streaks[edit | edit source]

Chest Farming
The biggest benefit to Streaking is that it allows the player to acquire chests at a rather fast rate. Outside of Exploration Map battles, chests are the only way to gather the items necessary to upgrade your stock of Legendary Pirates. Chest Farming entails getting chests in the most efficient way possible. This Guide is based on this principle.

Streaking while in a rumble is a good way to help increase your score as the Grog, recruit time and Gem reduction allows you to perform cheaper, quicker raids than what would be possible by doing them individually. This bonus however comes at the price of you being unable to refill your Guild Ship troops, so use them wisely.

Streak (Victory) Bands[edit | edit source]

As you increase the amount of wins in your streak you will tier up to different Streak Bands. Each Streak Band brings progressively lower recruiting costs in terms of Grog, time and Gems. Your Victory Band will reset once you leave a Streak, as will the recruitment costs.

Streak level No. of wins Reduction to Hire Cost Button1 collectgrog@ipad2x.png & Time
Steadfast streak 0-9 8%
Tenacious streak 10-24 16%
Relentless streak 25-49 24%
Undaunted streak 50-99 32%
Indomitable streak 100+ 40%

Chest Rewards[edit | edit source]

After winning a certain number of battles with at least 1 Star you will be rewarded with a Chest. The Chests are color coded according to their rarity.
The Old and New streak rewards (from PP version 3.1.0 onward) are listed below.

Prior to version 3.1.0 Chest as per version 3.1.0
No. of wins Chest Chest Type Chest Chest Type
5 Bandits Common Golden Booty Uncommon
10 Freebooters Uncommon Merry Booty Uncommon
13 Bandits Common Explorers Booty Rare
15 Freebooters Uncommon Swashbucklers Booty Rare
18 Bandits Common Modest Spoils Uncommon
20 Freebooters Uncommon Modest Warchest Rare
25 Marauders Epic Marvellous Spoils Uncommon
30 Corsairs Rare Marvellous Warchest Rare
35 Freebooter Uncommon Magnificent Spoils Uncommon
40 Corsairs Rare Magnificent Warchest Rare
50 Marauders Epic Modest Strongbox Legendary
60 Corsairs Rare Marvellous Strongbox Legendary
70 Marauders Epic Magnificent Strongbox Legendary
80 Corsairs Rare Lucky Chest Epic
90 Marauders Epic TBD
100 Marauders Epic TBD
125 Corsairs Rare TBD

Streak Buffs[edit | edit source]

As long as you get at least 1 Star on an island you get a new Streak Buff at the start of each battle. Streak Buffs include boosts to particular Pirate types, reduction in ability wait times, bonuses to looted Gold, Grog and extra BP as well as enhancements such as increase damage done to Walls and certain defenses. Each buff also has a number beneath it that shows how many battles it will be active for. The number decreases by 1 after each attack.

Like Chests, each buff has 5 rarities. The higher the rarity the bigger the increases are:
Red: Common
Green: Uncommon
Blue: Rare
Purple: Epic
Orange: Legendary

Each unit has a buff available to them that can increase their Toughness or Damage dealt. Every unit that has an ability can also receive a buff to reduce the cool-down time for it. You can click on the buff icon in the Streak Buffs or Streak Summary screen and it will display the name and what it does. The main symbol in the middle of the icon indicates the type of unit that receives the buff and there’s also a smaller symbol that shows what stat is being increased or decreased.

Forceful [Unit Name] Increases the Damage done by the unit and the symbol is a spiked circle
5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100%

Tenacious [Unit Name] Increases the Toughness of the unit and the symbol is a shield
5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100%

Mystic Witch Doctors Witch Doctors have a special buff that increases the effectiveness of its protection bubble. The symbol is the same spiked circle as the other Toughness buffs
5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100%

[Unit Name and Ability]’s Booty Reduces the time it takes an ability to charge back up after use. The symbol is a circle with ¼ of it filled
5 / 10 / 20 / 40 / 70%

Bonuses to Gold, Grog and BP only have the Main symbol

Grog Gratuity Increases the amount of Grog looted after the battle
5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 75%

Gold Rush Increases the amount of Gold looted after the battle
5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 75%

BP Bonanza Increases the amount of BP won after the battle
5 / 10 / 25 / 50 / 75%

Damage increase to certain defenses have the same name and icon as they do while upgrading units in the Academy

Cannon Crusher Deals increased damage to Cannons
25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%

Mortar Massacre Deals increased damage to Mortars
25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%

Tower Takedown Deals increased damage to Gun Towers
25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%

Wall Breaker Increases the damage done to Walls by every pirate
25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%

Swiftness A special buff that increases the speed of every pirate and the only one that has 3 rarities. It has the lightning bolt symbol
5 / 10 / 20%